• The general rule is its easier to keep it than grow it back

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    Had been mediated by Qatar, where the Taliban a political office last June. The video of Bergdahl was part of the which were to lead to the eventual transfer of the five Taliban held since 2002 in Guantanamo Bay. Leadership the Islamic Emirate has decided to suspend the process for some time due to current complex political situation in the country,\“ the statement read.

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    Replica Bags For more in depth explanations of the rules, view sticky!Story time. So I was once at a hotel as a roughly 6 or 7 year old. This hotel had a poorly designed fitness center, which I snuck into after grabbing the spare key card for our room. He already knows, which one the J of clubs is since he had the order setup while he was palming the 4 J Next he asked the guy to point at a pile, if the guest pointed to the right pile he would have asked him to take it for himself but since the first 2 piles were not the ones, he passed them on. When he asked him to point to the last pile it was really 50/50 and he totally lucked out that the guy ended up pulling in the pile for himself even though he was only suppose to point at it. To Shin credit he played it off quick and very well Replica Bags.

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  • Earlier this year, three ISIS suicide bombers launched canada

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    Most people would assume that serious runners face a high risk for arthritis of the hip and knees. Yet prior research has generally failed to uncover such a connection. The most recent study, published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, actually found that veteran American marathoners had only half as much arthritis as non runners.

    canada goose factory sale And NATO ended their combat mission at the end of 2014.Both groups regularly launch attacks, with the Taliban usually targeting the government and security forces, and canada goose outlet winnipeg IS targeting the country Shiite minority. Aside from that, groups want to establish a harsh form of Islamic rule in Afghanistan, and are opposed canada goose jacket outlet uk to democratic elections.Record of ISIS Related Attacks in AfghanistanAfghanistan has been rocked by insurgencies and goose outlet canada targeted by terror attacks perpetrated by the Taliban and ISIS.Earlier this year, three ISIS suicide bombers launched canada goose outlet ontario an attack on the canada goose outlet Pakistani consulate in Jalalabad. The attack left six people dead, as well as the three assailants. canada goose factory sale

    canadian goose jacket The Sky Original 8 part series follows three courageous women who leave England for a better life in the New World. The catch? Their voyage was paid for by their husbands to be who they have never even met. Only men have canada goose discount uk lived in Jamestown for the past 12 years and the arrival of 90 „maids to make brides“ are bound to shake things up in this little canada goose outlet store new york colony.. canadian goose jacket

    canada goose store Sometimes, it in the details or in the colour, like the contrast of the hot pink and bright scarlet belt, which helps everything come together. Janhvi suit style is extremely flattering too: The cinched waist emphasises her waist, and the flare pants elongate her legs. By keeping her make up simple, with dewy skin and a pale pink lip, Janhvi reminds us that dressing down can still be stylish. canada goose store

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    canada goose uk outlet Other alternatives suggested were: fee for service, tax per household and tax per land parcel canada goose stockists uk to try to make the tax fair and equitable. There was a consensus about the room that the RDKS did a poor job of communicating with people regarding the bylaw. A legal notice canada goose outlet legit in the back of the newspaper was not seen as being sufficient. canada goose uk outlet

    canada goose uk shop Will be processed and sent to Prince Rupert then shipped to manufacturers via the port. This will create a sustainable local industry with lasting jobs. The cost of this facility would need outside funding from Federal and/or Provincial Gov as well as the future operator of the facility.Phases I and II are short term. canada goose uk shop

    canada goose uk black friday I would like to thank you for your interest in representing area C as our Representative. My question is are you aware that area C covers more than the Lakelse area?, it also covers the Dutch Valley which has many problems that have never been addressed by any of the present board members. Our present board member is Allen Lansolot who is a resident of Lakelse Lake, who does not answer his phone and when I leave a message he never returns my calls, in my opinion he sits canada goose outlet buffalo and keeps a chair warm and refuses to help the families living in Dutch Valley, when it comes to flooding from the Kalum river. canada goose uk black friday

    Canada Goose sale Farm girl Alice is very grateful to be coming to the New World in hope of a better life. As payment for her travel, she was promised to a brutish man of few words called Henry. After stepping off the boat in the Land of Opportunity, she is met by Henry’s kindly brother, Silas. Canada Goose sale

    Canada Goose online Calling on Adrian Dix to lobby NDP Members of Parliament on this issue is a cop canada goose outlet orlando out. Premier Clark is a lifelong federal Liberal she should be demanding Bob Rae and her Liberal friends stand up for British Columbia. BC Conservatives canada goose vest outlet are the only party to unequivocally support BC getting its fair share of seats in the House of Commons, with no special deals for any province.. Canada Goose online

    canada goose coats Ceramic tile offers more to home spaces than classic beauty. This durable and long lasting flooring choice requires little maintenance and heartily withstands stains and scratches. However, installing ceramic tile entails a labor intensive process of setting, grouting and sealing. canada goose coats

    Canada Goose Outlet I’ve been down, hurt, lost, confused, scared, and fighting when there’s nothing left to fight for. Believing in myself, and constantly keeping my kids close to my heart canada goose outlet mississauga threw it all. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. Having a home office allowed me to be an avid volunteer within the public schools, where I served for eight years with the District Parent Advisory Council. I was Chair from Oct. 2004 till April 2008. Canada Goose Outlet

    canada goose coats on sale Don hesitate to follow me on the social networks. I promise you a backstage pass to Pyeongchang!By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right canada goose outlet in chicago to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments canada goose coats on sale.

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  • So that is going to be important when it gets stated on

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    canada goose outlet store uk jewish groups condemn sainthood candidate backed canada goose outlet store uk

    canada goose outlet uk Note: For the kids Fun Bags, I usually allow each one to pack canada goose outlet jackets their own. They fill it with crayons, coloring books, books, portable drawing tablets, and a few small toys. They are only allowed to take what can fit in their bag. The US Fed is going to make a statement on Thursday and what they write and how they speak about tampering with the Q3 is going to have an impact on the sentiment for sure. Remember, just a hint that there maybe a withdrawal of liquidity in the last statement has resulted in a USD 3 trillion reduction in the market cap across the world. So that is going to be important when it gets stated on Thursday. canada goose outlet uk

    canada goose outlet Sessions simply echoed his bosses‘ pledge that the police must be defended, protected and insulated https://www.goosesea.com from those pesky abuse lawsuits and, even worse, probes and consent decrees from the Justice Department that supposedly do nothing but tie up cop’s hands. The new line from both is that police now are so terrified of being sued or investigated or punished if they make a street stop that they are virtually letting violent criminals run amok. This is a lie, but it’s also so self serving that it’s just too irresistible not too repeat and turn it into the new mantra of Sessions, Trump, conservatives and many in law enforcement.. canada goose outlet

    canada goose outlet reviews Pressed for explanations whether regarding the Cotecna case, the saga of the mysterious necklace, the Swiss bank accounts or whatever he canada goose shop uk would smile. But he never looked shattered the way the entire Sharif clan looks outright lies, as noted, he would avoid. And he kept control of his nerves. canada goose outlet reviews

    canada goose outlet online uk Lambert,. Was. Not. Of course, whoever wants to hypnotise in fact, no one but a physician ought to do it must learn the technique and apply it patiently and skilfully. And certainly there are individual differences. Not everyone canada goose outlet can be canada goose outlet michigan deeply hypnotised; with not a few the inhibition does not go further than the inability to open the eyes, while only one of [p. canada goose outlet online uk

    canada goose factory outlet This process can take one day or one week, and no one seems to be canada goose outlet trillium parka black concerned with which it will be. Should something go wrong the boat hits a reef, the truck driver puts the merchandise off along someone else’s driveway, or canada goose outlet hong kong whatever that’s just too bad. There’s no insurance on the cargo. canada goose outlet shop canada goose factory outlet

    canada goose outlet store Option 1 or 2 both work, you will have to find which one works best for you. I find option 2 keeps me from over stuffing the bird. These bags provide easy removal of the cooked stuffing and that means a greater level of bacterial safety for your family. canada goose outlet store

    Everyone would be in an uproar. People siding with Tati like to pretend that Gurus are honest and unbiased all the time but that not true at all when it comes to other youtubers projects, people go easy because it a small field and there no reason to be purposefully rude unless you want the drama. She could have easily avoided this knowing canada goose outlet london that this was another Youtuber collab and she doesn like MUR palettes.

    canada goose outlet uk sale I still don’t understand why ousting Bashar will be beneficial for Syria or entire Middle East as there is no alternate leadership or opposition in Syria to take over the power in Damascus. Another point is canada goose discount uk that, it is the Syrian people who have to decide about their ruler, no outside forces have right to interfere in internal affairs of any country. In such circumstances, the attempts made by anti Bashar forces are nothing but to destroy Syria and put the entire region in fire of war. canada goose outlet uk sale

    This is an individual challenge and while she did good dinner services with her teams, there was a recurring concern about speaking up and finding her voice. He is a bully so they need him around.leaving was definitely a kick in the gut to a lot of people here. She looked as though she was black jacket material, instead all we got was back of her jacket material.and Heather were pretty safe in that challenge, I was thinking it could be Roe or Jose going home, Roe canada goose outlet sale because she has veteran experience to make sure she can make as many mistakes and Jose because he is a good chef, but he is quite from what I have seen.

    canada goose black friday sale Much like the gender stratified monopoly, this version also provides unmarked envelopes based on a person’s identity, specifically race. This game, created by Maria Paino, Matthew May, Lori A. Burrington, and Jacob H. Part of the discrepancy between votes and polls was that voters did change their minds late but it wasn’t necessarily because of Comey. The decline in Clinton’s support, the report finds, may have begun as early as Oct. 22, whereas Comey’s announcement came on Oct. canada goose black friday sale

    canada goose outlet nyc Serial reposters may be filtered. False claims of ownership and/or flooding (>4 posts in 24 hrs) will result in a ban. It worked very well and now most top level subs in terms of subscribers are infiltrated with this shit. Early morning trips are often rewarding, with views from the top showing mist and canada goose outlet belgium low cloud cover in the valley below. Hill tops peering through the mist make magnificent photos, and many tourists seen in the cold, capturing this visual perception. The sight from the Long Tom Cannon, looking West from where one has come, will find canada goose outlet website legit the mountains bathed in sun light, and the forests and open grasslands make a beautiful photograph. canada goose outlet nyc

    canada goose outlet toronto factory Mr. Boehner has shied away from saying plainly that the ISIS threat requires that American ground troops be sent into the fight. But others aren’t so reticent. I walked around for a few years feeling God was always displeased with me. But I am growing in this area, and discovered obedience and faithfulness are part of pleasing God. „Jesus replied, „Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching canada goose premium outlet canada goose outlet toronto factory.

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  • You can make them roll, than open the monster page for the

    12.03.2014 • Nachrichten

    overview for Excaliburrover

    canada goose store Uhm, are you sure about the bard thing? Because i playing it these days and i didn read anywere thatyou can have multiple free actions stack on the same trigger. I even asked it here (and in the main pf sub). canada goose store

    canada goose uk outlet this is quite a bias review when you say that all deities for clerics are of the same power level. Yes they are all equally bad because if you take Fire Ray as your benchmark domain power (and it the first thing that comes to mind, it in their blody iconic Kyra) you quickly see that they all fall short. canada goose uk outlet

    and canada goose outlet mall try to make canada goose outlet store montreal a Nualia that canada goose outlet feels actually Lamashtuan in what she does or try to make the brother of the seven cultists that feel like worshippers of the god of murder. They have access to a domain that let them heal undead better. Wtf? How it connected in any way? This thing tilts me off the face of the earth, really.

    After countless session of 2e and much theorycrafting on pathbuilder i can ensure you that pf 2e is nothing like 5e. Yes, canada goose outlet locations in toronto the math is a bit more streamlined but there are something like 15 different conditions and monsters pull out any sort canada goose outlet shop of stuff. You have a wide variety of actionsto pull from and classes do have choices for the simple factthat you can pretty much hybridize everything with everything.

    like D where you had 1 decent combat order for rogue (the assassin one), actually pretty much for every class, and all the game revolved around getting advantage to things or giving disadvantage and there wasn any way to tactical depth for the simple fact that math isn a thing in that game, at least for what concerns core rulebook release.

    canada goose uk black friday Just, you must a have a way more solid grasp of the rules than the GM from GCP (i listening to it this days and i heard some things that made me cringe so hard rule wise). You should be the more knowledgable person at the table and when a rule question mark rises you should be quick to pretend you know how it is and keep the game going. Ideally,while playing you would want to limit the rule checking to the minimum. (If you had a doubt you check it during the time inbetween session and thenadmit you were wrong). It fine to check what a condition does, it not fine to constantly scan attack of canada goose parka outlet uk opportunity or inventory browsing rules because it bogs down the game. You should try to keep the game as fluid as it gets. canada goose uk black friday

    should at the same time have a raw idea of how the session will go and be open to the players completely throw your plans out of the window. In particular it important to figure out what monsters do and how they, more or less, will behave in fight with the pcs. You can make them roll, than open the monster page for the first time,then open the rulebook to find that spell like ability then realize it garbage then procede to make a melee attack, canada goose outlet mississauga for example. Again, it bogs down the game a lot.

    cheap canada goose uk i can give you much advise roleplay wise because it not my forte cheap canada goose uk

    canada goose clearance sale the play mat thing, i resorted to cover with transparent plastic adhesive tape my old paper mat from the player handbook from canada goose outlet england 3.5. It a bit ondulated (to say the least)but it costed me 0. canada goose clearance sale

    canada goose black friday sale I always a bit confused with such situation. I always played with my irl lifetime friends so if one of them (actually when one of them) pulled out such a show i explained him what a moron he was being. However yeah, more than fantasy creation skills, a GM must be good at handling people. You should explain him that you are not a server with multiple AIs, and that tabletop RPGs are not online games. Also if the campaign hasn a certain theme he should not play it like it bloody GTA. canada goose black friday sale

    Also, „never split the party“ is the epitome rule that every table should follow.

    As for the leveling speed handling. I sorry canada goose outlet winnipeg address but you may have chosen a target way more difficult than expected. It not a thing for everyone to play a canada goose outlet kokemuksia campaign from lvl 1 to 20, alas. I personally never did it and i playing on a weekly basis since 2008.

    AS for their apparently bipolar behaviour, consider that the very first levels are a pain in the ass, expecially for casters. By level 4 5 pcs starts to reach some core parts of their builds and they enjoy the mechanics a lot more so the frenzy for https://www.pick-canadagoose.com levels may reduce (it was never such case for my guys, it always give us more exp and money)

    cheap Canada Goose The short answer is no. The long answer is that atm ranged combat is not particularly strong unless you heavily spec into it as a fighter. This is due to longbows having penalty to hit targets closer than 30 ft (volley rule). cheap Canada Goose

    Canada Goose online a fighter feat (that pretty much everyone with a lvl 2 and a lvl4 feat can take ) that let you ignore that penalty. That said, if there is the space, it not this big of a deal to move before shooting so the feat it not so mandatory. Or you could choose to use a shortbow and ignore the problem altogheter. Canada Goose online

    Canada Goose sale composite bows and slings only add half your strenght modifier on damage so building damage as an archer is non efficient. YOu will have +1 to damage while melee combatants will have +4 5 Canada Goose sale.

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  • Jetzt sind Sie dran!

    12.03.2014 • Aktuelles, Landkreis Rosenheim, Nachrichten, Stadt Rosenheim

    Kommunalwahlen am Sonntag entscheiden über unsere Volksvertreter

    Wer auf unsere Politik schimpft und jetzt nicht zur Wahl geht, der sollte für die nächsten vier Jahre schweigen – so könnte man meinen, denn am kommenden Sonntag hat in Bayern der Wähler wieder einmal die Gelegenheit, seine direkten Volksvertreter zu wählen. Sie bestimmen, wer in unseren Gemeinde-, Stadt- und Kreisräten künftig das Sagen hat, wer Bürgermeister wird oder Landrat. Nutzen Sie Ihre Chance und entscheiden Sie mit, in welche Richtung unsere Politik geht.

    ie Wahl selbst ist diesmal ziemlich umfangreich: In den meisten Gemeinden beziehungsweise Städten gibt es vier Stimmzettel: für die Wahl des Bürgermeisters, der Gemeinderats- oder Stadtratsmitglieder, des Landrats und der Kreisräte. In kreisfreien Städten entfallen die Stimmzettel für Landrat und Kreisräte.

    Jede stimmberechtigte Person hat bei der Wahl der Ersten Bürgermeister und der Landräte jeweils eine Stimme.
    Erhält ein Kandidat in diesem ersten Wahlgang die absolute Mehrheit, also derjenige, mit mehr als die Hälfte der abgegebenen gültigen Stimmen, dann ist er gewählt. Erhält kein Kandidat die absolute Mehrheit…

    … findet zwei Wochen später – am 30. März – eine Stichwahl statt. Dort treten die beiden Personen mit den meisten Stimmen gegeneinander an, wer dann wiederum die meisten erreicht, ist Bürgermeister oder Landrat.

    Für die Wahl der Gemeinderatsmitglieder und Kreistagsmitglieder hat jede stimmberechtigte Person grundsätzlich so viele Stimmen wie Gemeinderatsmitglieder und Kreisräte zu wählen sind. Die Anzahl der Mandate ist abgestuft nach der jeweiligen Einwohnerzahl der Gemeinde beziehungsweise des Landkreises. Eine vorgeschlagene Liste kann über das Listenkreuz als Ganzes angenommen werden. Dadurch erhält jeder Bewerber in der darin aufgeführten Reihenfolge eine Stimme. Ist man mit einzelnen Kandidaten innerhalb der Liste nicht einverstanden, streicht man sie durch. Man kann seine Stimmen aber auch auf Bewerber verschiedener Listen verteilen. Dabei spricht man von „panaschieren“. Von „kumulieren“ ist die Rede, wenn man einem Kandidaten mehrere Stimmen gibt. Bis zu drei sind pro Bewerber möglich, dabei wird die Zahl – also 1,2 oder 3 – neben den Namen des Kandidaten geschrieben. Ganz oben auf dem Stimmzettel steht, wie viele Stimmen jeder Wähler hat.

    Zur Feststellung des Wahlergebnisses werden alle Stimmen einer Liste zusammengerechnet. Die auf einen Wahlvorschlag entfallende Anzahl der Sitze in den Gremien wird ab den Gemeinde- und Landkreiswahlen 2014 nach dem Quotensystem von Hare-Niemeyer berechnet. Die einem Wahlvorschlag zustehenden Sitze werden den Bewerbern nach der Reihenfolge der bei der Wahl erhaltenen Stimmenzahl zugeteilt.

    Bürgermeister/in in Rosenheim?

    In Rosenheim als kreisfreier Stadt werden der Oberbürgermeister/die Oberbürgermeisterin und 44 Stadträte gewählt. Die Kandidaten heißen Gabriele Bauer (Amtsinhaberin CSU), Robert Metzger (SPD) und Franz Lukas (Bündnis 90/die Grünen). Diese drei treten an, um am 16. März die Wahl zum Oberbürgermeister für sich zu entscheiden.

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  • Befreien Sie sich von Ballast mit unserer Kleinanzeigenaktion

    12.03.2014 • Aktuelles, Nachrichten, Stadt Rosenheim

    Zum Frühlingsbeginn sparen Sie mit dem echo wieder Geld: Für einen Euro pro Zeile (nur private Kleinanzeigen) können Sie in den beiden kommenden Ausgaben (26. März und 2. April) in der Rubrik „Verkauf“ all das anbieten, was bei Ihnen die Schränke verstopft.

    Anzeigen aufgeben

    Werfen Sie alten Ballast ab – ein anderer Leser kann Ihre verborgenen Schätze vielleicht gebrauchen. Rufen Sie einfach an unter Telefon 0 80 31/3 08 8-0 oder kommen Sie in unsere Geschäftsstelle nach Rosenheim in die Hafnerstraße 8, faxen Sie an 0 80 31/1 70 04 oder buchen Sie die private Anzeige über unsere Homepage im Internet www.echo-rosenheim.de.
     Foto: i-stock

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  • Wohlbehalten wurden die vier Ponys unterhalb des Sulzberggipfels wiedergefunden.

    Herzlicher Dank an die Helfer!

    12.03.2014 • Aktuelles, Landkreis Rosenheim, Nachrichten, Stadt Rosenheim

    Vier vermisste Ponys wiedergefunden

    Am Montag erreichte unsere Redaktion ein berührendes Dankesschreiben von Isabella Gropper, die mit Hilfe eifriger Helfer ihre vermissten Pferde wiedergefunden hat: ,,Hiermit möchten wir uns noch einmal ganz herzlich bei allen bedanken, die uns geholfen haben unsere vier vermissten Ponys ausfindig zu machen beziehungsweise herauszufinden, dass sie den schönen Samstag für eine Wanderung zum Sulzberg-Gipfel ausgenutzt haben, ungeachtet dessen, dass sie per Polizei, Radio Charivari und Gleitschirm gesucht werden.

    Die Ponys sind alle wohlauf und wirkten am Fundort rund 50 Höhenmeter unterhalb des Gipfels sehr fröhlich. Was genau sie dort oben erlebt haben und welchen Weg die Bande warum eingeschlagen hat wird wohl ein Geheimnis bleiben. Allen voran geht unser Dank an Inge Holzner aus Brannenburg, Christian Boob von Charivari, den vielen Tipps der Wanderer, dem fliegenden Philip, der fleißigen Christiane und den vielen weiteren Helfern. Danke, ihr wart großartig!“
    Julia und Isabella

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  • Markt für Kunsthandwerk

    12.03.2014 • Aktuelles, Kultur, Stadt Rosenheim

    Prächtiges aus der Künstlerwerkstatt am 16. März

    Rosenheim. Wie wär‘s mit ein paar Frühlingsboten am Sonntag, 16. März, aus der Inntalhalle in Rosenheim? Prachtstücke aus der Künstlerwerkstatt können hier erworben werden.

    Es gibt Ostereier, Kränze und Sträuße, Papierarbeiten, Puppenkleidung, Aquarelle, Perlenketten, Klosterarbeiten. Teddybären, Mineralien, Buchbindearbeiten, Gestricktes, Gehäkeltes, Radl-Wanderbücher, Patchwork, Stoffpuppen, Filz, Leder, Seidenschals, Fimo, Holzdeko, Kerzen, Stoffdruck und Bauernleinen, Keramik, Trachtentaschen, Tees, Schutzengel, geschnitzte Edelweiß, Grußkarten und vieles mehr.

    Geöffnet ist von 10 bis 17 Uhr. Eintritt 2,50 Euro, ab 14 Uhr zwei Euro. Kinder bis 14 Jahre frei.

    Mehr Informationen erhalten Interessierte unter Telefon 0  89/9 04  62  44.

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  • Rosenheim. Gedanken-Häuser – Haus-Gedanken ist eine Ausstellung mit Bildern des Wasserburger Künstlers Rainer Devens vom 13. März bis 5. April in der „Kleinen Werkraumgalerie“ in Rosenheim, Heilig-Geist-Straße 4/I.

    Gedanken-Häuser – Haus-Gedanken

    12.03.2014 • Aktuelles, Kultur, Stadt Rosenheim

    Ausstellung in der „Kleinen Werkraumgalerie“ in Rosenheim

    Rosenheim. Gedanken-Häuser – Haus-Gedanken ist eine Ausstellung mit Bildern des Wasserburger Künstlers Rainer Devens vom 13. März bis 5. April in der „Kleinen Werkraumgalerie“ in Rosenheim, Heilig-Geist-Straße 4/I.

    Das Thema „Haus“ bewegt den Zeichner und Maler Rainer Devens seit vielen Jahren. Die aktuelle Ausstellung zeigt Rainer Devens neue Arbeiten. Es ergibt sich ein Nachdenken über den Begriff „Haus“, ein Überlegen über das Haus als Grundbedürfnis des Menschen. Es sind Gedanken-Gebäude. Intensive oder auch spielerische Denkvorgänge bilden eine Architektur aus hellen Linien auf dunklerem Untergrund. Gedankengebilde, die sich den Worten entziehen.

    Vernissage am 13. März

    Eröffnet wird die Ausstellung am Donnerstag, 13. März, um 19 Uhr. Geöffnet ist Dienstag bis Samstag, jeweils von 16 bis 19.30 Uhr.

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  • Die Titelverteidiger vom stadtland impro 2013: Martin Selle und Andreas Hacker. Foto: fkn

    Theatersport der Extraklasse

    12.03.2014 • Aktuelles, Kultur, Stadt Rosenheim

    „FINALE 7. stadtland Improcup“ im TAM-Ost

    Das große Finale des stadtland Improcups in Rosenheim am 13. März 2014 ist angerichtet. Bereits zum 7. Mal begegnen sich im TAM-OST die besten Improtheaterspieler der Alpenregion zum Theatersport der Extraklasse. Die Herausforderung ist für alle gleich: per Zuruf aus dem Publikum blitzschnell dramatische Szenen und spontane Geschichten kreieren. Der Turniermodus macht den Improcup zur sportlichen Herausforderung für die Schauspieler eine Mischung aus Blitzschach, Instant Theater und Freestyle-Tanzwettbewerb. Wer dabei am schnellsten, lustigsten und besten improvisiert entscheidet allein das Publikum. Bis jetzt konnte der Titel und der Kuhpokal in der Improcup-Geschichte noch nie verteidigt werden. Die beiden Sieger von 2013 vom Improvisationstheater stadtland impro mit Martin Selle und Andreas Hacker wollen diesen Bann nun als erste brechen und ihren Titel erstmals verteidigen. Ihnen beiden stellen sich die Gewinner der Hauptrunde und damit sehr starke Konkurrenz. Das Team FKK aus Markt Schwaben mit Michael Siegert und dem Kabarettisten Sebastian Schlagenhaufer und dem Team „Pädagogisch Wertvoll“ mit Johannes Bockermann und der bayrischen Theaterinstanz Karin Killy aus Weyarn. Umrandet werden die Szenen von dem ebenfalls improvisierenden Musiker Lukas Maier aus Freising. Schiedsrichter und Moderator ist Tobias Zettelmeier von der Gruppe Bühnenpolka aus München, der selbst schon einmal den Cup in den Händen und weiß worauf es ankommt. Der Improcup – improvisiert, unkaschiert, Lachtränen garantiert.
    Kartenbestellung und Restkarten unter Telefon 0 89/ 12 76 30 70, www.stadtlandimpro.de, und per Mail an info@ stadtlandimpro.de

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