They are clearly seconds from the high quality designer

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Forsey comments came ahead of a Sports Direct meeting set for Wednesday where investors are due to vote on a proposal that could potentially award shares worth 200 million pounds ($340 million) to founder Mike Ashley as well as to an undisclosed number of employees. The Telegraph said investors expected to reject the bonus payout.Sports Direct and Adidas could not immediately be reached for comment outside of regular working hours.Adidas had not supplied the UK retailer with replica shirts for the teams it sponsors at the World Cup, including Argentina, Germany, Spain and Columbia, the Telegraph said.In response Sports Direct Forsey said Adidas was blocking the company from key products, the Telegraph reported.The daily quoted Forsey as claiming that Adidas only concern was the discounts his company offered shoppers.believe it is all about price. That is the only conclusion we can come to, he was quoted as saying.

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