Some 99 passengers and four crew members were aboard

18.07.2013 • Nachrichten

Video footage showed emergency crews on the scene as smoke poured from the largely intact Embraer E190.He said the plane was hit by a gust of wind, causing it to lose speed. Its leg wing hit the ground, he said, but the aircraft skidded to halt in a horizontal position, enabling passengers to escape.Some 99 passengers and four crew members were aboard, according to the Mexican transport minister, of which 49 had to be taken to hospital.Jackeline Flores, a passenger,told reporters the plane came down in heavy rain. She and her daughter escaped from a hole in the fuselage as the aircraft filled up with smoke and flames, she said.“A little girl who left the plane was crying because her legs were burned,“ she said.Ms Flores said her passport and documents burned in the fire.“I feel blessed and grateful to God,“ she added.Israel Solano Mejia, director of the city’s civil defence agency, told Foro TV that the plane „made it off the ground, but fell nose first“ just a few hundred yards from the end of the runway..

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