In a sworn statement, the 13 year old girl said that

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Hermes Replica The same day, a neighbor called to report that Habay was hitting and throwing things, and had a large knife. When three officers arrived on the scene, they suspected Stenseng was inside, and barged through the apartment door.Habay was running toward them holding a knife in each hand and wearing a shirt of protective padding when Gallerani shot him, officials said.Witness reported hearing officers yell „drop the knives“ before two or three gunshots. Habay died from wounds near his collarbone.Gallerani, a 14 year veteran and a team leader on the department’s SWAT team, was placed on paid leave during the Boulder County „shoot team“ investigation of the fatal incident.The last officer involved shooting in Boulder took place in 2008, when a man who claimed to be wearing a bomb inside Boulder Community Hospital was shot and killed by a SWAT team member Hermes Replica.

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